Class Relation

A top level class cannot be declared as static ex:the following code result in a compile error

public static class Foo{


public class mainclass {



Immutable Class :

A class that cannot be modified after construction , every modification on a immutable object will result in a new object.Ex:class String , Integer are Immutable for example when you delete or substruct a String you get the result in another object.immutable class has only getter and not setter

Immutable class are very useful in terme of Thread Safety , no require any extern synchronization.

All fields of immutable class should be final (if not it should be only used internally by class itself and called by a final method so not accessible outside) 

another advantage of immutable class is the reusablity of the class.

disadvantage:immutable class increase garbage collector works.

example of a immutable class:

ublic final class Contacts {

    private final String name;

    private final String mobile;

    public Contacts(String name, String mobile) { = name; = mobile;



    public String getName(){

        return name;



    public String getMobile(){

        return mobile;



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